Chelsea & Paddy

There are so many different moments throughout a wedding that I love. My favourite job as a Wedding Planner is being at the back of the church with the bride before she walks up the aisle, fixing her dress and wishing her luck. It’s the moment that all of the planning comes together. My other favourite thing about weddings is being a guest! Getting to see my friends get married is so special. I recently had the pleasure of watching my friends Chelsea and Paddy get married and it was such a gorgeous wedding.


Chelsea gave me the inside scoop on how they met right up to how Paddy proposed.

Chelsea and Paddy met in 2011 at the gym where they were both members at the time. I’d say they were the fittest couple ever going every day to get a glimpse at each other! Chelsea admitted to doing most of the chasing at the start but I’m sure it didn’t take too long for Paddy to realise how amazing Chelsea was and things went from there! In 2012 they welcomed their beautiful baby girl Eve and in 2014 Paddy was well and truly outnumbered when they welcomed their second baby girl Robyn.


On a cold and miserable night in December 2014, Chelsea arrived home from work to find the two girls were already tucked up in bed and Paddy had her pyjamas heating on the radiator upstairs. (Brownie points already!) When Chelsea put them on she realised there was something heavy hanging from the drawstring of her pants. When she took a closer look she discovered it was an engagement ring! She went downstairs to find Paddy down on one knee ready to ask her to marry him!


They celebrated their wedding in the Majestic Hotel in Tramore on 11th March 2016 surrounded by friends and family and of course their two little girls stole the show, they were just so beautiful! The hotel were absolutely amazing and pulled out all the stops for them and their guests.

Chelseas favourite moment from the wedding was their first dance. I think it was everyones favourite moment to be honest. As Paddy and Chelsea started dancing to Stand by Me, their two little girls ran out to dance with them and it definitely brought a tear to everyones eye to see such a loving family together on such an important day.

It was a wedding that really showed me the importance of having family and friends come together for such a special day. There are so many elements involved in planning a wedding and at times it can be so stressful, you can get worked up about such tiny elements but it is a moment like Paddy and Chelseas first dance where you see the real importance of your wedding day, being together and having your family around you.

Brides Dress: Bijou Bridal, Tramore

Groom & Groomsmen suits: Fitzgeralds Menswear, Waterford

Flowers: Family Friend Marie Green

Band: Seattle

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