Where to begin? – Budget Planning


So you have recently gotten engaged, the champagne has been flowing on tap and the excitement of an upcoming wedding has you and your significant other completely loved up.

Then I hate to bring up the boring side of things but before you launch into wedding planning the best place to start is budget planning. This might not be the most exciting thing to do but I highly recommend giving it the time to go through before you both get caught up in the excitement of booking your various suppliers.

So where to begin? Try to figure out what kind of wedding you want. Big Wedding, Small Wedding, a Wedding Abroad? Traditional church wedding or a civil ceremony? Sit down meal or a relaxed bbq style party? The options are endless and yes, you can pretty much do whatever you want!

Just to get sidetracked for a minute – Don’t let tradition restrict you. If you want to have a big church wedding but follow it with a BBQ/buffett style meal then go for it! Or if you want to have a small few family and friends join you for an intimate ceremony and a meal and follow it the next day with a big party for all of your friends and extended family then do it. Weddings follow a certain format that we all love to follow but don’t be afraid to add your own personal twist to the day.


Figuring out the style of your wedding will help you to start the budgeting process. I will have so many different variations of this post pop up from time to time but today i will keep it somewhat vague as i could delve into the cost of Marquee weddings, DIY weddings and destination weddings but I don’t think you would have the time to read it all together!

The next thing to decide on is how many guests you want to invite. This is a big factor to consider when thinking about your budget. The more people you invite, the more expensive it will be.

The next thing i would do is think about what suppliers or things you most definitely want to have in your wedding. Do you want an open bar? Is there a certain type of car that you have always dreamt of driving to your wedding in? Do you know the band that you just have to have? Or is the decor the most important element to budget for? These will help you to start allocating your budget on the things you want the most.


The options are truly endless but I hope this helps you to get an idea of where to start with your budget planning.

If you have any questions on how to budget plan or you want an idea on how much you should be spending on certain things then please feel free to get in touch. You can find me on Facebook at Alexandra Manning Wedding Planner so pop me a message with your questions!

Happy Planning!




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