Top 3 Items on your to do list!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing weekend. I know for many of you brides and grooms to be in Cork it was a busy one. There were so many great wedding fairs on around Cork city and county over the weekend that it was a fantastic opportunity for you all to meet suppliers and to view potential wedding venues.

I myself was in the wonderful Radisson Blu Hotel in Little Island meeting so many newly engaged couples. It’s such a great way for me as a wedding planner to hear about so many different wedding plans and how each couple imagine their day turning out. It is also really handy way for me to give advice to as many couples as possible in one day!


The one thing that really stood out to me from chatting to people over the weekend was that people were leaving booking some of their most important suppliers until too close to their wedding date!

I met so many people with only a few months left to go to their wedding who still don’t have a band booked or a photographer and even a venue in some cases! One bride told me she had everything sorted and booked and now they must book a band… for her June wedding. The only problem was she had her heart set on a particular band but with only a few months to go to such a busy time of year her dream band was already booked up.

This broke my heart and the more people I met who said they had left some important things very last minute the more i realised that while these things are obvious to me because I’m used to being surrounded by all things weddings, it’s not so obvious to people who have never really thought much about weddings before now!

So i thought that i would just share some very quick advice with you all…



My top 3 items that every couple should book as far in advance as possible are as follows:

  1. The Venue.

Booking your venue first is essential in my opinion, or at least having it narrowed down to 2 options. This will help you to figure out the style of wedding you want, the decor, the dress, the band etc. You also need to have your date and venue set in order to book the rest of your suppliers so this is definitely top of the wedding planning list!

2. The Band and entertainment.

There are 2 things that your guests will talk about the most, the food and the band. Item one on the list covers the food so item two on the list is definitely all about the entertainment. This obviously depends on the type of wedding you are having but majority of the time people will have a band and DJ perform after the meal. There are some absolutely brilliant wedding bands out there who get booked up a year or two years in advance so I would really book them as soon as you know who you like. Don’t risk leaving it too late and find yourself disappointed. You can find some great wedding bands here.

3. Photographer & Videographer.

Your wedding day will absolutely fly by, i know you have probably heard that from so many people already but it really is true. It is so important that all of the special moments of the day are captured by your photographer and videographer so that you can look back on those memories for years to come. With this in mind it is really important to hire a professional photographer and videographer who’s work you love. Like your band, photographers and videographers get booked up quickly so i would have them high on your wedding planning to do list so that you ensure you have someone you trust alongside you for the day to capture those memories.


So I hope that helps some of you starting the wedding planning process. If you have any other questions or are looking for advise on other aspects of your wedding planning then send them my way!


Happy Planning!




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