Hi Weddings – Inspirational Girlbosses in the Wedding Industry

Here is another article that I wrote for Hi Magazine back in March.

Spring time usually marks the start of a busy wedding season and it really is such an exciting time for those of you who have spent the past few months leading up to your wedding, putting your final touches on everything and now it’s almost time to say your “I Do’s!”

For those of you who are still in the planning stages I know it can seem a little bit daunting trying to decide on your colour scheme, theme and style of your wedding and then trying to find the suppliers to suit. The internet has transformed how people plan their weddings and while it can be filled with a lot of “noise” around weddings, it is also a great source of inspiration.

To help you along your wedding planning journey I thought I would share with you a few social media accounts to follow that will give you plenty of ideas!

ais k work 2

First up is a lovely fellow wedding supplier and blogger, Aisling Kelleher of Polkadotdreaming Blog.

Aisling is an amazing hairstylist for weddings and at the start of this year she launched her new blog polkadotdreaming.com where she gives an insight into all things weddings! You can follow her on Facebook here. (keep an eye out for her mini polkadot dreamer! Just the cutest!)

jill wild pic

Next up, if you are looking for some serious floral goals then look no further than Jill Wild of Wild Flowers. I am always blown away by her creations and her social media accounts are just mesmerising! Jill is a florist based in Cork so for any of my Cork/Munster based brides you should definitely check her out and you too could have her amazing creations for your wedding.

amy daunt

If you are looking for all round styling tips then Amy Daunt Event Stylist is the woman for you. Browsing through her Instagram account will give you some amazing ideas which will give Pinterest a run for its money. Speaking of Pinterest, if you see something there that you like then no doubt Amy will be able to bring those ideas to life for you. Head on over and follow her here.

Also, without even realising it I noticed that all of my recommendations are absolute Girlbosses! I will be sure to recommend a few dapper gentlemen in future too but for now I hope you enjoy adding these ladies to your wedding inspiration.


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