Hi Weddings Article – April

I love sharing my articles from Hi Magazine with you all so here is one from Aprils issue.

Last month I briefly introduced you to Aisling Kelleher, a bridal hairstylist and wedding blogger. Aisling has such a wealth of knowledge of all things weddings so i wanted to ask her more about her business and how it all started.

aisling kelleher pic

“Having worked in the hair industry for 20yrs In reputable salons , and after having my daughter I felt I needed a slight change of a career path and always having a passion more so for bridal and session styling saw me launch “Aisling Kelleher Bridal & Upstyle Specialist “ in Oct 2014. I solely specialise now in weddings and event hair , photoshoot/TV work and also teach Upstyle courses in salons or in The Salon Shop Suppliers in Cork . I’m based in Cork but travel all of Munster for wedding hair .

Setting up my business has been successful to date as I’m lucky to have been listed as one of the top 5 bridal stylists in Ireland by Beauty expert Edel Cox of the Beauty Dial and RTE Today Show .  Word of mouth in what I do is the best add I can ask for when it comes to growing to my business , more often than not I will meet the same girls on wedding mornings that I styled them for when they were a bridesmaid for another wedding . I do have an active FB page aswell that I think ladies love seeing images of  my work as this gives a great insight to what I do and projects I’m working on .

ais k work 2

It’s so great to be part of a brides wedding morning and I adore what I do now as I’m always around excited people and happy occasions so it’s hard not to love what I do when weddings is my form of business . Being part of a brides wedding morning is an honour as well as you are there for quiet a while so you share in the excitement and the build up , but besides all that I’m also there to help out where I can , I’m often found tying up dress , putting ribbons on cars , cleaning up a kitchen and keeping any stressed people calm , working with weddings for as long as I have you learn so much over the years and you do become a backup person in the house the morning off to fix any issues , sometimes this is great as I’m an outsider to the wedding I’m not so panicked over little wedding morning blips like getting button holes on the gents last minute when there is a flurry of women trying to get dressed , men doing car ribbons , finding out what side the Mum/Dad of bride wear button holes , making sure cases are in cars , this is where I always help out , so besides the styling of all the hair I will always help out where I can.

ais kelleher work

Polkadotdreaming Wedding blog

This is how Polkadotdreaming was created, behind the scenes I’m always asked for recommendations on all bridal services and I will only recommend those who I have worked with or seen first hand their services provided . As much as I love weddings I think they have evolved massively in the last 3 to 4 yrs , they are becoming more individual to couples and the typical protocol of wedding planning is moving on. We now have Sunday weddings , more Humanist ceremonies in the last year and a half ,  brides opting for more relaxed wedding dresses ,  mix-matched colours in bridal parties, same sex marriages and tonnes of DIY planning brides and grooms and with Polkadotdreaming my aim is to get brides/grooms thinking outside the box a little and possibly not follow the ” oh we must do that cause my friend had it” manner. Sometimes you want to do a different wedding but it can be daunting too as it’s a special day but even looking at what’s possible from all angles in your planning is exciting.

ais k work

Wedding Hair Trends

Wedding hair is all about super soft , whimsical, textured hair the last few wedding seasons, it’s a beautiful look and will stand the test of time , but I would say there is a very fine line between wanting that natural Upstyled or downstyled look and it being un-groomed looking , so put your trust in your bridal stylist when they guide you through your hair trial , you want your hair to be as perfect at 11am as to 11pm..

My own personal style for my own hair when attending a wedding is me arriving to the brides house with rollers in my hair , doing my friends/family hair for all the bridal party with my rollers still in and me taking them out on route to the church, I never have the excitement of getting my hair done for a wedding as I’m always on duty on the morning so it’s a case of styling my hair in the hair at the car park , so glam!”

If you want to see more of Aisling’s work then check her out on Facebook here and here!


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